Parsons is available to speak about Broke: America's Banking System to bank associations and banking schools as well as to advise bank directors and bankers.

For bank directors:

  • Lessons learned from case studies in poor bank board governance
  • Ten immediate actions directors can take to improve bank governance
  • Why "Majoring in the Majors" of 10X Risk management should be the #1 priority of every bank board
  • Why effective Operational Risk Management is inextricably linked to an effective risk culture
  • The one factor – above all – that determines a bank's risk appetite
  • Why these 5 letters – TGTBT – must be sketched on every director's mind
  • How to use Scenario Analysis to mitigate enterprise risk

For bank CEOs and management:

  • Why the U.S. banking system is "broke" and how bank CEOs can protect their banks from the system's flaws
  • Five immediate actions to improve your bank's operational and strategic risk management capabilities
  • KRIs that matter: why tracking and reporting "velocity" and "volume" are the keys to strong controls
  • How to improve board reporting by "Majoring in the Majors"
  • How to see Emerging Risks before it is too late
  • How to mitigate the risks associated with competitors and acquisitions
  • Three stages of Operational Risk Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities in the sound management of Operational Risk
  • Verification and Validation of Operational Risk


  • Research: 8 reasons community and regional banks fail
  • Research: Why bank failure is concentrated in some states
  • Research: One External factor that may be have the greatest influence on a bank's stock price
  • Research: Does bank consolidation improve industry profitability?
  • Research: Why CAMELS don't work and what to do about it

Banking and Sports:

For those who want to have some fun while talking about meaty (but never boring!) banking topics, Parsons has novel and creative presentations that show bankers and directors that they can learn from baseball, football, track & field, and, NASCAR. Using his unique research and statistics, Parsons has developed compelling case studies in sports to help bankers and directors think about banking. Some examples include:
  • When do you not want Michael Jordan on your team and what does it mean to banks
  • Life without Peyton Manning: What bankers and directors can learn from the 2011 Indianapolis Colts
  • Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds and U.S. banking from 2001-2006
  • Breaking the 4 minute mile: Lessons for bankers
  • Why every banker and director of start-up banks must study the NY Mets and the New Orleans Saints
  • The two best "Bills" in NFL coaching history: Lessons in management for bank CEOs
  • The perils of talent assessment and selection: The "Brady Six"
Broke: America's Banking System

Richard J. Parsons is an Author, Speaker, Educator and Business Advisor in the Financial Services industry.  After a 31 year career at Bank of America, Rick founded the RJ Parsons Group in 2012. Rick published his first book in 2013, "Broke: America's Banking System - Common Sense Ideas to Fix Banking in America." He can be reached through his website rjparsonsgroup.com or via social media including @RJParsonsGroup and LinkedIn.