Build a Solid Understanding of Today's Banking System 

These books I have read entirely or substantially. Occasionally I write in-depth reviews on items in the list below. Please send suggestions for books and other readings to add to this list.

On Banking and Finance History

On Risk

On the Financial Crisis

From Regulators' Websites

On Macroeconomics and Markets

On the 100X Risk of Debt and Deficits

On 10X Risk

Broke: America's Banking System

Richard J. Parsons is an Author, Speaker, Educator and Business Advisor in the Financial Services industry.  After a 31 year career at Bank of America, Rick founded the RJ Parsons Group in 2012. Rick published his first book in 2013, "Broke: America's Banking System - Common Sense Ideas to Fix Banking in America." He can be reached through his website or via social media including @RJParsonsGroup and LinkedIn.